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Buy Hair Care Ayurvedic Natural Herbs. Buy Hair Care Ayurvedic Natural Herbs.
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Hair are the things which everyone loves and cares a lot.  The Nature's Vitamin provides the different types of natural herbs which helps in improving the hair strength, decreases the hair fall and dandruff. The regular use of this gives nourishment to hairs.  It also helps in letting you ..
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Sri Sri Body Butter is a blent of Shea Butter, Coco Butter & Soya protein which helps to retain moisture of our body. These Body Butter is a perfect everyday cream to nurture deeply. Shea Butter gives you the Softness by moisturising deeply, it also helps skin to breath which results in healthy ..
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Sri Sri Almond & Honey soap is a combination of Almond oil & Honey. Both Almond & Honey are Key Components for skin rejuvenating therapy. Honey helps restoring moisture of skin whereas Almonds give you clear skin. Infusion of these components will make your everyday bath an exotic experi..
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Aloevera & Vit E cream is good for skin health. Aloevera is a natural polisher, it gives even tonned glowing skin. Vit E vitalises skin and give a protecting layer. It also protects from UV rays emitting from sun. ..
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Acne is a common skin issue in teenagers. Acne prone skin seems to lack its glow resulting in dull looking skin. Shri Shri Anti Acne Facewash gives you oil free skin by regulating secretion of sebum on the skin. Sebum is a oil that leads to Acne, Breakouts and blackheads. Regular use of these facewa..
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Sri Sri Anti Acne Gel regulates oil secretion on skin, which prevents occurrence of acne. These is a must have product for instant results...
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Dandruff is one of very common scalp problem seen among the people of all age group. Treating these problem with harsh shampoo which contain chemicals may damage quality and texture of our hair. Shri Shri Ayurveda brings to you Anti Dandruff Shampoo which is not only mild in nature, but also it..
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Sri Sri Body Oil is a massaging oil which makes your skin soft and subtle. It nourishes your skin internally giving you healthier looking skin. Massaging with these oil regularly will result in a polished skin which will eventually make you look and feel younger. Available in 200ml Container...
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Sri Sri Brahmi Bhringraj Tailam is a very effective herbal oil which provide nourishment to your scalp. Healthy scalp results in healthy hair roots which leads to faster hair growth. These medicated herbal oil also prevents premature greying of hail. Available in 200ml bottle...
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Sri Sri Cleansing Milk is a blend of two powerful ingredients i.e, lemon & Turmeric which are known for there purifying properties. Lemon purifies your skin from deep within and turmeric repaires the damage caused by daily exposer to uv rays, dust particles, pollution etc. Thus you can get a eve..
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Crack Free Cream is a Foot Care Cream. It removes dry and dead skin of foot and helps to heal cracks.  Available in 25gm packing...
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Cucumber & Lemon are known for their cleansing property. cucumber helps to clean skin deep within whereas lemon removes impurities making your skin look healthier and brighter...
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