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Buy Gongura or Ambadi Capsule

Buy Gongura or Ambadi Capsule
Buy Gongura or Ambadi Capsule
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"GONGURA" also known as "Roselle" is a medicinal plant, which has different properties. Hibiscus subdariffa Calyx is the botanical name for Gongura. The Gongura plants are one of a kind in which every part of the plant is useful and also has medicinal properties. 

Gongura Capsule are made of Gongura buds, which has a unique wine red colour and a distinct taste to it. It is a rich source of Iron and Vitamin C. This tablet can be taken daily as it enhances Hemoglobin level. It also helps in maintaining blood pressure. Gongura capsules does not have any side effect as they are organic in nature. The cultivation of these gongura buds is made out of organic farming.

Gongura or Roselle is associated with traditional medicine and is reported to be used as substitute for diseases such as Hypertention & Urinary track infection.

Gongura capsules are also recommended to cancer patients. 

Gongura buds act as a natural refrigerant to our body, as they are rich in antioxidants. 

Gongura capsule are made of Gongura powder, cumin, black pepper & salt. these are easy to take unlike that typical medicines which tastes like chemicals. Hence they can be consumed daily for good and persistent results. 

Available in the pack of 60 Capsule. (each capsule contain 500 mg of Gongura bud powder.)

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